Parents Say PBS KIDS Is the Most
Educational Media Brand for Children

PBS KIDS reaches nearly 99% of U.S. television households, providing nearly all kids access to what is often their only source of educational TV. In a month, nearly 11 million unique visitors come to

PBS KIDS Is A Trusted And
Vital Resource In Preparing Kids
for Elementary School

A recent study confirms that parents overwhelmingly agree
no other media brand meets their children's
school readiness needs like PBS KIDS.

PBS KIDS is Leveling the Playing Field

46% Higher Scores on Standardized Tests

Kids who watched PBS KIDS’ SUPER WHY! outscored those who did not.

Use of PBS KIDS Content Significantly Increases Early Math Skills.

31% Gain in Vocabulary Comprehension

In just two weeks, kids who played the MARTHA
SPEAKS Dog Party mobile app showed an
increase in vocabulary tested.

All U.S. Children

PBS KIDS attracts a higher
proportion of viewers from
Hispanic, African American
and low-income households
compared to their
representation in the U.S.
population. And online, attracts a higher
proportion of web users of
Asian, Hispanic and African
American descent compared to
the average U.S. web audience.

PBS is a Trusted Resource for Families

"My family goes without a lot of stuff but I would
be horrified if we had to do without PBS."

PBS KIDS Outranks Other Kids Programming

#1 in Innovation

PBS outranks commercial
broadcast TV
and cable TV as an innovator in children’s
educational media.

Most Trusted

PBS outranks
commercial broadcast TV
and cable TV
as a safe place for our children.

PBS KIDS is the #1 Educational Media Brand

Discovery Family
Disney Jr.
Nick Jr.
Cartoon Network
Disney XD

Over 20 Million Educational App Downloads

PBS KIDS has more than 35 mobile apps available for
iOS, Android and other mobile device platforms,
designed to help kids build literacy,
math, science and school readiness skills and more.

Research Shows that PBS KIDS Content Enhances Kids' Early Literacy & Math Skills:

Naming Letters
Letter Sounds
Stories & Print

PBS Helps All Children Feel
Like They Belong

PBS Benefits All
American Communities

PBS KIDS Is Designed for the Needs of Today’s Children

Whole Child Curriculum

The PBS KIDS Whole Child education ecosystem addresses core needs in the areas of social-emotional, Math & Engineering, Literacy, Natural Science & Nature, Science, Music & Language.

PBS is an Essential
Educational Resource