PBS Stretches Across American Communities

Watched on TV by 217 million Americans annually. Americans stream 250 million videos on PBS' web, mobile and connected device platforms each month.

PBS Reaches Nearly Every American Household

PBS has a Larger Primetime
Audience than Many
Commercial Channels

And PBS' primetime rating for news and public
affairs programming is 53% higher than CNN's primetime audience.

Nearly 500 Hours of Arts and
Cultural Programming

Ensuring these worlds are open to everyone.

$1.35 a Year

Our nation invests $1.35 per American per year in public broadcasting. For every dollar they receive of this critical seed money, local stations raise six.

How important is it that each of the following
types of television are available?

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PBS and member stations enrich and empower Americans.

A Trusted Resource to Bring the Real Story Home

"PBS is something that I trust. What they reflect to me is what’s best about my country."

How much do you trust each organization?

Percent saying they trust the organization "a great deal"

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and Safe Place for Children
to Watch TV



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is trusted and safe for children



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and safe for children

Trusted by Parents
and Loved by Kids

PBS is an Essential
Educational Resource